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We have all sizes of hearing aid batteries for all brands of hearing aids.

Batteries are available in packs of 4, packs of 8 and packs of 40.

Purchasing batteries is easy…. stop by our office, email or call us and we will mail the batteries to you. For your convenience we offer an automatic monthly battery mailing program.


Hearing Aid Batteries    

    How it works: We mail you a pack of batteries at the beginning of every month. We send you a bill at the end of each quarter (March, June, September and December).  It’s that simple!  We even pay the postage!  You pay the same as if you bought them in the office!


   Who should join: Anyone that wants the ease and convenience of having hearing aid batteries delivered right to their doorstep!  You’ll always have fresh batteries.  Let the Postman fight the traffic and weather!!  Even if you didn’t get your hearing aids from us – you can still enroll in this program.


    Enrollment is quick and easy:  Simply call or email us so we can add you to our mailing list.

Simmerman Hearing:

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Automatic Monthly Battery Mailing Program